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Norwood, MA

Age: 37
How did you get started in photography:
I have taken photos my entire life. In 2004 I was able to purchase a camera which allowed for full manual control. With that camera, I learned the technical basics of photography beyond just pointing and shooting. I outgrew that camera and ended up investing in better gear which enabled me to further develop my style of photography.
What is your favorite subject matter and why:
Careful setup and composition of a photo is one of my core principals, as such most of my work revolves around static objects such as cityscapes /  landscapes, abandoned / industrial spaces and buildings / architecture. I enjoy shooting people when they are part of the background, or otherwise obscured.
What accomplishments have you made in photography:
In 2014 I started experimenting with film and by 2015 had transitioned completely from digital to film. I learned how to develop my own film. In parallel I taught myself how to fix old film cameras, all of which are used as my primary cameras today.  My favorite body is $20 Nikon F3 which came to me with a broken meter, stuck mirror and sticky shutter. 
What are your future or current plans as a photographer:
I recently traveled to Tokyo, Japan where I shot mostly street photography with a Nikon F2 body. I would like to explore this style of photography more in the future. It was challenging to get the camera off the tripod and further to have only a split second to compose and shoot. 
What is the most exciting thing you have done as a photographer:
It's tough to pin point a specific experience. I've been fortunate enough to travel to and explore a number of exciting locations while meeting other talented photographers along the way. I have some fond memories of exploring and being chased out of abandoned buildings in the area, as well as exploring Iceland for a week with my camera.
What does photography mean to you:
Photography to me is the perfect balance between technical know-how and artistic creativity. By fully understanding and working within the technical boundaries of a camera, lens, or film, I am able to work the artistic creativity aspect to its fullest extent. Film for me represents a more discriminating shooting experience because of the limited amount of exposures. I also enjoy the separate processes of taking the photo, seeing the negatives days or weeks later and further seeing the completed image sometime after that.



Worcester, MA

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