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The Four Elements of Good Photography

Welcome to Silver Crescent Photography's blog. In the first of what will be a monthly publication, it is my hope to provide photography tips and suggestions as well as recount photo explores from interesting locations which you may wish to visit on your own. Let's take the first step together with a brief look at what makes a great photo stand out from the rest of the pack.

Most people take photos to capture personal moments or as remembrances from a favorite vacation. They may take photos at family events and gatherings, with the hope to look back at those photos and fondly recall the day they were taken. Yet others may be working on behalf of another - the professional photographer, if you will. Either way, there are four basic elements that all of these photographers, casual or otherwise, must follow in order to capture their moment perfectly:

1. Opportunity - If you can't get into a position to capture the image, then all other elements are irrelevant. Either you can take the shot (safely), or you can't.

2. Subject Matter - This depends on the photographer, and what they find pleasing to the eye or relevant to what it is that they are trying to photograph. It's all about what you want to photograph!

3. Lighting - Adjusting your camera to account for lighting is key. Whether you are trying to capture the intricate layering of shadow and light, or attempting to keep the fine details of your photo from being blow out from too much light, you have to get it right before editing.

4. Framing - This is a simple element of photography. Don't cut off important parts of your photo. Zoom back and get a wider view and crop your photo during editing. You'll look like a pro every time!

If you keep the four elements of a good photograph as a guideli